Little Free Pantry

The Library houses a free, no-questions-asked Little Free Pantry, where those in need can help themselves to perishable and non-perishable food items to help get them through. The pantry can be accessed any time during our open hours, at no charge. 

If you are able to donate to the Little Free Pantry, we always gratefully accept cash donations, and donations of $20.00 or more will receive a tax receipt from the Library. 

For those wanting to donate food items, we are always in need of: 

 Dry-Goods Refrigerator Freezer 
 Canned Protein Yogurt Bread
 Canned Fruit Milk English Muffins
 Pasta Cheese String Small Pizzas
 Pasta Sauces Lunch Meat Frozen Vegetables
 Cereal Cream Cheese  
Sugar Cheese Slices
Flour Margarine
Feminine Hygiene Products    
Toothpaste and Brushes    

When donating food items, please be mindful of expiry dates, as we can not put expired food into the pantry. 

Thank you for your generosity, and support of our community. For more questions about when and how to donate, please contact us at or 403-887-2130. 

Little Free Pantry donations banner