The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles book cover

Miller, Madeline
4/5 Stars

"This book is amazing. I found it this book from tiktok. There was so many plot twists, which made it even more interesting, and the words are so well put. The author, Madeline Miller, is one of the best authors for this book genre out there. This book is not predictable at all. I was very surprised in the beginning and middle as the relationship was building. I was also surprised at the very end at what the enemy did to one of the main characters.

This book has very sweet parts to it that turn into sadness. As the characters grow together, they change, one character in a worse way. This made me not want to read the book anymore, but I kept reading it. One develops selfishness and jealousy over time, which is relatable to human emotions. I loved the chemistry between the two characters and how all the details in the book tie in so nicely with their relationship, but there is a few things i did not like. The beginning of the book was very slow and was hard to get through ad i don't like how the characters in the beginning didn't show up in the end. I also didn't like the selfishness of the characters towards the end. This book reminds me of "They Both Die In The End" by Adam Silvera. Overall, this is a great book and I recommend it." 

Reviewer's name: Bria
Genre: Historical Fiction

Five Little Indians

Five Little Indians book cover

Good, Michelle
4/5 Stars

"Michelle Goods novel, Five Little Indians, tells a powerful and inspiring story about the lives of five indigenous children who are forced into adulthood while also trying to overcome their traumatic experiences of the past. The book follows five separate and unique first nation peoples who all attended the same residential school when they were young. Not only do we learn about each individual's struggles, we also get to see how each of their stories intertwine to give us a deeper understanding of the pain each child endured.

I decided to read this book because I am Metis and I wanted to learn more about residential schools and how they affected my ancestors. This book was not only captivating but also gave me a deeper understanding of the cruelty of residential schools in the past. I also related to the characters when they are confused and unsure about the future; and their fear to grow up and be alone. Five Little Indians is a true and intense novel that doesn’t sugarcoat the long term effects of trauma and pain, especially in early childhood."

Reviewer's Name: Franny
Subject: Indigenous Peoples - Canada - Residential Schools - Fiction