Reading Challenges

Track your reading and earn prizes! 

1000 Books Before Kindergarten: Track your child's reading from the ages of 0-5 (or until the end of Kindergarten). For every sheet they fill, bring it in, and select a prize. Once you reach 1000 books, your child will receive a grand prize which includes books, toys, and gift certificate for a free library card. Track your reading year-round. 

Download your tracking sheets here

Hogwarts Reading Club: Track your reading and earn points for your House!

About the Reading Club - *you do NOT have to like or even read Harry Potter to participate in the competitive part of this program*. 

The Hogwarts Reading Club will run the duration of the school year, from September 1st, 2021, to June 15th, 2022. *School-aged participants and adults welcome!* 

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and want to sort yourself into a House for your reading to represent, select which Hogwarts House you want your reading to go towards - GryffindorHufflepuffRavenclaw, or Slytherin. *If you're NOT a Harry Potter fan, don't worry about choosing a House, we will sort you at random*. 

Keep track of the books you read AND the number of pages in the books - the pages read will be your House points. Giving a brief review of the book(s) will get you bonus points for your House. 

There will be monthly activities, such as writing prompts, word searches, crosswords, trivia questions, etc., that participants can complete to earn additional House points. 

Ask about our mailing list - we can email reminders as well as send out monthly activities and weekly trivia questions. 

Participants can submit their reading until June 20, 2022. The following week, there will be a celebration, and the House with the most points will win the coveted House Cup (and bragging rights for the year)! Prizes will be awarded at the year-end celebration. 

Keeping Track of Your Reading - choose one of the following methods: 

- Fill out the form available online (for each book you read).
- Email with your name, grade (or age if you are in the Adult Reading Club), House, book title, number of pages, and a review of the book (optional). 
- Write down the information and hand it in at the front desk at the library. 

We'll post monthly updates on House Points, so participants can see how well their House is doing - and if they need to step it up! 

Not a fan of Harry Potter? 

That's okay! You can still keep track of your reading and compete for prizes, which include a free library card (one year membership). We'll sort you into a House at random, so that your reading can still help others competing for the House Cup!